Thank you for purchasing from us. Please follow the guide below on how to us our product.

1. Shampoo shampoo.png

Before washing your hair with shampoo you can comb first to release any tangle. 

Wet your hair with water and pour some shampoo on you palm and massage into wet hair. Depending on your hair length some people may need use more or less. 

Our Shampoo using the natural surfactant and SULFATE FREE, so the foam is not much from regular shampoo. While shampooing, you can add water to hair to help the shampoo spread even more. 

Leave about 3-5 minutes before rinse off. This is to ensure you get the full benefits from ingredients & essential oils that we put in our shampoo.

Rinse thoroughly with water. Warm & cold it's fine. You may experience a little different, your hair is not so smooth while you washing your hair. Because NO SILICONE is added into our shampoo. But, please don't worry, your hair will become smooth after it's dry because the Coconut Milk & Coconut Oils has been absorb into your hair.

We recommend you to use our Hair Conditioner if you have a long hair and Hair Oil to get the full benefits.

Every 2 days is recommended use for shampoo. Try not to wash daily as it will strip away your natural moisture.

2. Conditioner hair conditioner.png

For longer hair we advisedly to use along with the shampoo. It will moisturize your hair and protect damage.

Use it when you hair is wet. After shampoo, pour some conditioner on your palm and spread into all your hair. You can use the conditioner on top of your hair and it is tolerable on scalp.

Leave it about 3- 5 minutes before rinse off.

You'll be amazed with your hair smoothness after our conditioner. We use 100% conditioning agent and don't add any thickener. What you get is full of concentrated conditioning ingredients. Small amount is enough to use.

3. Hair Tonic hair tonic.png

For people with hair fall or hair thinning problems, it is life changing for you. Our Hair Tonic is 100% herbal water that packed with 15 amazing ingredients.

You can use it twice daily. Spray straight into your scalp. Massage a bit and you done.

You can use it on wet or dry hair. It is fine because our Hair Tonic is water based so it will absorb faster.

4. Hair Oil hair oil.png

Some people may question why we don't produce Hair Serum? Because we don't believe in Silicone Oils. If you don't know, almost 99% hair serum out there made of Silicone Oil. Silicone does nothing for your hair other than give you fake feel of shiny and smoothness.

That is why we make Hair Oil that is totally natural and beneficial for you hair health. We use top quality plant oils that have soooo many vitamins, minerals & antioxidant for your hair.

It is to protect, repair & moisturise your hair. 

Use it when you hair is slightly damp. Usually 1 pump is enough, but depends on your hair thickness & length, you can adjust yourself.

Once a day is enough.

Hope you have a wonderful day, we glad that we are part of your healthy hair journey. :)

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